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FREE SPIRIT: Memories not yet Remembered


FREE Spirit is a performative installation in public space.


It is an excavation site measuring 15’x15’, including a tent canopy, display area, and digging tools.  This durational visual performance uncovers 53 buried mason jars in two days.


Each jar contains a secret from the first 53 years of my life. As I meticulously dig this grave-sized hole, I encounter and reflect with each jar and then clean and display them on the display timber located beside the archeological site.


An information pamphlet will be printed and mounted in a holder so the public can take a FREE copy and learn more about the work.


FREE Spirit-Memories not yet Remembered is a performance ritual series that explores uncovering secrets from my past, referencing religion, sexuality and self-identity. Uncovering and examining my past (represented by the jars) is a freeing act of letting-go of burdens as these secrets continue to haunt and shape the person I am and have yet to become. 


 Downtown dig site.


 Promotional photo.


Dig site view.


Early stages of the dig.
Day 1


The 53 secrets.